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Can my unit be calibrated, tested or repaired?

Product Range Calibrated Tested Repaired
PD Range
Dry roof leak detector
Wet Roof Pro'
PHD Range
PST Range
ST-AC Range
DTU6 Range

Calibration and repairs 

Buckleys operates a fully equipped repair department; staffed by trained technicians. We offer a fast turnaround service to UK customers to assist in keeping down-time to a minimum. Estimates are always given before any repair work is carried out. If you are a non-UK customer, please contact our sales team who will be able to advise you on the location of your nearest repair facility. 

If you are sending equipment to us for repair, please complete the form below and include a printed copy in the package sent to us. This will help us to anticipate and schedule work on your equipment and speed-up the repair process. 

For further details on Buckleys' repair services, please do not hesitate to contact us +44(0)1303 278888, or email 

Please note: We reserve the right to charge storage fees on goods not collected after 90 days of completion of repair.



Is there an inspection charge?

  • Yes - if you do not accept the calibration/test/repair quotation, an inspection fee will be charged.


What is included in calibration?

  • Inspection - A dually-authorised test engineer will complete a visual inspection and functionality check of all equipment and all included accessories.
  • Identification - machinery, extension rods, earth leads and electrodes will be checked for damage. All parts requiring repair or replacement will be identified.
  • Estimate - An estimate quotation will be forwarded to the owner of the equipment. Work will only commence once approval is received in writing.
  • Output/performance parameters - various output and performance parameters of the equipment are verified using items of calibrated test apparatus (having certifications traceable to national and/or international standards).
  • PAT testing - mains powered equipment is subjected to electrical safety testing.
  • Cleaning and charging - the equipment will be foam cleaned and batteries will be fully charged.
  • Certification - once the testing/calibration process is complete and the product is in full working order, the owner of the equipment will be issued with a calibration certificate. 


What is the returns process?

Important information for customers shipping goods to Buckleys for repair, test or calibration.

If your equipment is still under warranty:
DAP* incoterms apply
Please contact us prior to sending the goods as we would need to prepare RGR* documentation (please state product description, purchase date and serial number).

If your equipment is no longer under warranty
DDP* incoterms apply
Please ship goods DDP to Buckleys House.
We reserve the right to refuse collection of goods which have been shipped under other Incoterms.

*DAP – Delivered at place
*RGR - Returned Goods Relief
*DDP - Delivered Duty Paid

For more information on incoterms, click here

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