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750mm Earthing Rod

Part Number: 2006-0046

Product Features

  • Simple connection
  • Robust construction
  • Quick and effective method of creating a reliable earthing point
  • Welded crossbar for easy insertion and removal

750mm Galvanised Earthing Rod with connection terminal for use with the Geo Pro'. 

Provides a quick and effective method of creating a reliable earth connection in a variety of environments and conditions.

Robustly constructed and easy to insert into the ground and remove, thanks to its welded crossbar and round profile. The 750mm length means it can be inserted far enough into the ground to provide a good, dependable earthing point and remain securely in place while connected to the Geo Pro'

  • Length: 750mm
  • Construction: Welded
  • Material: Galvanised Steel

Commodity Code: 9027802000

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