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UCP1A contact CP probe 3m

Part Number: 6004-0039

Product Features

  • Hard-wearing 
  • DELRIN body 
  • Stainless steel probe tip 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Easy to use 
  • Suitable for gripping in manipulator arm

The UCP1A contact probe is a lightweight and versatile instrument that provides a means of carrying out underwater cathodic protection potential measurements.

It has been specially designed for use with manned or Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and comes complete with 3 metres of underwater cable. Each probe is supplied with a Certificate of Inspection and Conformity. When the stainless steel probe tip of the UCP1A makes contact with the surface under test, the resulting voltage can be read on a suitable high impedance or digital voltmeter.

The UCP1A is extensively used in a wide range of applications including production and drilling platforms, ships’ hulls, jetties and other marine works.

The UCP1A is available with varying lengths of underwater cables as follows:

Cable LengthPart Number
5m:   6004-0039
50m:   6004-0098
100m:   6004-0099
200m:   6004-0100
300m:   6004-0101
Free Issue Whip*   6004-0042

*UCP1A assembled with cable and/or plug provided by customer

Half Cell

  • Type: Silver/silver chloride screw-in
  • Output: ≈ +250mV VS SHE
  • Temperature coeff: -0.6mV per °C
  • Temperature range: 0 - 30 °C
  • Working life: 1 to 2 years


  • Designed for use with remote voltmeter
  • Minimum load impedance > 10M Ohms
  • Probe: Stainless Steel (316) replaceable (our ref: H14)
  • Weight: 0.5Kg
  • Size: 126mm x 39mm diameter
  • Underwater cable: 3m long x 9mm
  • Packed weight (complete): 0.8kg
  • Dimensions (packed): 26cm x 14cm x 30cm

This item is not depth rated as there are no pressure sensitive components within the assembly.

Note: Due to ongoing technical developments, all stated information is typical and is subject to change without notice or obligation.

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