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Sub-Sea Cathodic Protection Testers :

Click below to view our range of sub-sea cathodic protection measurement equipment. As the leading manufacturer in this field, we offer an extensive range of products with an unsurpassed reputation for quality and reliability.

What is CP measurement?

CP is short for Cathodic Protection; an electrochemical means of corrosion control on marine structures which diverts corrosion from the structure to a sacrificial metal, such as a zinc or aluminium alloy. In this process, the structure becomes the cathode and the sacrificial block becomes the anode.

During this process, electrical potential is created. The level of this potential can be measured using Buckleys’ BathyCorrometer Pro’, our UCP1A and UCP1B underwater corrosion probes and marine survey kits.

The measurements taken give insight into the effectiveness of the cathodic protection system and the corrosion status of the structure.

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