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buried pipes and steel structures Testing Equipment

Buckleys now offer a range of products suitable for the inspection and monitoring of corrosion in buried pipelines and steel structures.

Test/monitoring coupons are useful for monitoring cathodic protection in pipelines, providing a convenient means of measuring important parameters such as the coupon to soil AC discharge current density or the coupon to soil “instant-OFF” pipe-to-soil potential. Buckleys can provide specifically designed coupons to match exact requirements from pipeline operators. 

AC Mitigation Devices are used to combat the effects of high voltage power lines on buried pipelines. They act as blocking devices to DC voltages but allow the discharge of AC current through earth, thereby reducing interference to the pipeline’s cathodic protection system. Our Copper/Copper Sulphate reference electrode has been used for many years to take accurate measurements of corrosion potentials on buried steel structures.

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