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flat roofs Testing Equipment

We manufacture a range of kits designed specifically for locating leaks of flat roofing systems. Our kits are suitable for all roofs finished with non-conductive membrane materials. 

Waterproof roofing membranes can be tested for pinholes and porosity by using a high-voltage holiday detector. For the test to be effective, the membrane must have a conductive backing i.e. PVC on steel, felt on concrete or foil-faced insulation board. 

Faults through membranes can be easily located by passing a high voltage current across the surface using a brush or roller electrode. Capable of testing membrane thicknesses of 16 microns to 14.4mm, our PD30R dry roof leak detector kit is ideal for most applications, however, should membranes of a greater thickness require testing - which is often the case with liquid-applied roofing finishes - our PD40R kit is suitable for membrane thicknesses of between 64 microns and 25.6mm,

Membrane thickness isn't as critical with our Wet Roof Pro'. Provided the roof's surface is wet enough to create a path for current to flow over the entire surface, and a suitable 'known' earthing point on the building's structure is available, the Wet Roof Pro' uses two hand-held probes connected to a detector unit to direct the user to the location of any leaks. The flow of current over the roof's surface is created by a 'generator unit' which is connected the 'known' earth and to a conductive boundary wire placed around the perimeter of the test area. Electrical current flows to earth through leaks and the detector unit identifies the direction this current is flowing over the roof's surface.

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