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pipelines Testing Equipment

Buried steel pipelines will corrode unless coated and any damage to the coating will cause that area to corrode more quickly. It is essential that coatings are checked for porosity and other faults before pipelines are put into service. Pipelines can be checked after the manufacturing process and inspectors on-site tests will normally perform further during installation.

A high voltage holiday detector is a quick and effective means of locating defects and faults in pipeline coatings (either enamel or tar wrap). As manufacturers of high-voltage test equipment; we have created 'Pipeline Test Kits' which provide all the necessary equipment to test for such defects.

The PD/PHD unit is supplied with a calibration certificate and a comprehensive instruction manual is provided to assist the user in setting up the equipment. Buckleys offer a complete range of additional electrodes that can be supplied along with the kit. Straight phosphor bronze electrodes can be purchased in various lengths and curved phosphor bronze brushes can be made up to suit specific pipe sizes. Straight or curved silicone rubber electrodes are available for all sizes of pipe and are mostly used for locating the exact position of faults in coatings which have a gloss finish. Alternatively, Rolling Spring electrodes can be used to test external pipeline coatings in one pass and these can be made for all pipe sizes between 4” and 56”. Small pipelines (less than 4” diameter) can be tested by the use of a silicone rubber electrode with a suitable sized hole for the pipe to pass through.

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