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powder coatings Testing Equipment

Powder coating provides a high-quality, durable method of protecting a ferrous metal substrate and preventing corrosion. 

However, any faults, defects, pinholes or other porosity in the coating can provide a path for the ingress of moisture which could focus corrosion on a area and promote it rather than prevent it.

Our high-voltage DC holiday detectors can test powder coatings and a suitable electrode is almost certainly going to be available from our extensive range.

DC holiday detectors (such our PD range of portable detectors or DCCT range of stationary detectors) use a high-voltage DC current via a suitable electrode to find these faults, provided an earth ‘return’ can be connected to the substrate beneath the coating at a convenient location.

As the electrode is passed over the coating surface, faults, pinholes and other weak areas within the coating will identified as current is allowed to pass through the coating to earth, completing an electrical circuit - upon which the detector’s alarm system is triggered; drawing the operator’s attention to the location of the fault.

Depending upon model, our high-voltage DC holiday detectors can test coatings as thin as 4 microns, all the way up to over 25mm.

Our LVPD1 'wet sponge' tester can also test powder coatings using a low-voltage current to located porosity and faults in powder coatings.

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