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offshore wind farm Testing Equipment

Offshore wind farms endure a harsh environment; particularly below the waterline. For over 40 years, the BathyCorrometer® has been the standard device by which maintenance teams have been able to assess the effectiveness of subsea cathodic protection systems in preventing corrosion of offshore/marine structures.

Potential readings taken by a diver holding a BathyCorrometer® in contact with submerged steel structures can be analysed by engineers to determine whether the cathodic protection systems are working effectively or whether remedial action is required.

If topside readings are required from the BathyCorrometer®, then our Surface Display Pro’ offers the perfect solution. Umbilical cables are available in several lengths and allow the Surface Display Pro’ to provide topside readings at a convenient location if conditions below the waterline are challenging for the diver.

In addition to the hand-held BathyCorrometer®, we manufacture a range of devices for when a diver is not available or is not suitable for the survey in question. Our UCP1A and UCP1B probes are ideal for use at greater depths. Both devices are extremely robust, yet compact and can be easily fitted to a manipulator arm on an ROV. The UCP1A takes readings when the stainless-steel probe tip is placed in direct contact with the structure whilst the UCP1B takes a ‘proximity’ reading and just has to be positioned as close to the structure as possible to obtain a reading.

Our Marine Survey Kit can be submerged by the user from above the waterline to obtain CP readings and is ideal for use in harbours, docks, jetties, piers or even ship/boat hulls. The cell is simply placed as close as possible to the test subject and the cable connects to a multimeter which – in turn – connects back to the test subject. The multimeter provides the CP measurement readings.

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