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car parks Testing Equipment

Leaks in car park waterproofing systems can be located by using our Wet Roof Pro' leak detector kit or one of our dry roof leak detector kits, such as the PD30R or PD40R.

The equipment is suitable for all surfaces constructed with non-conductive insulation materials. A wet surface is necessary for the test to be effective when using the Wet Roof Pro'. Waterproof membranes can be tested for pinholes and porosity by using a High Voltage Detector. For the test to be effective, the membrane must be non-conductive and have a conductive backing i.e. PVC over steel, felt on concrete or foil-backed insulation board. Faults through the membrane can be easily located by passing a high voltage across the surface using a brush or roller electrode. 

The PD30R is recommended as it is suitable for membrane thicknesses of 16 microns to 14.4mm or the PD40R which is suitable for membrane thicknesses of 64 microns to 25.6mm.

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