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Data protection policy



Our company data protection policy refers to our commitment to treat information of employees, customers, stakeholders and other interested parties with the utmost care and confidentiality. With this policy, we ensure that we gather, store and handle data fairly, transparently and with respect towards individual rights in accordance with the data protection act of 1998. Individuals, Organisations and employees about which we hold information are referred to in this policy as data subjects. The Company does not process personal data, and as such, does not require a Data Protection Officer.

A. Information held 

All information held by the Company is directly related to the Company’s legitimate business interests.  We hold three types of information which are covered by this policy

Organisational information – information about organisations, which includes any offline or online data that makes an organisation identifiable such as names, addresses, usernames and passwords, digital footprints, product registrations, product certification, photographs, and transactional data.

Personal information – information about individuals with whom we have transactions, which includes any offline or online data that makes an individual identifiable such as names, addresses, digital footprints, product registrations, product certification, photographs, and transactional data.

Sensitive personal information – in general this kind of information is only held about employees. There are, however, extremely limited instances where sensitive information is held about other people. for example, dietary requirements & use of pacemakers which is necessary due to the nature of the equipment we produce.

We will not hold information about individuals without their knowledge. We will only hold information for specific purposes and will inform data subjects if those purposes change.

B. Data Protection Principles as defined by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) 

Whenever collecting information about data subjects, we agree to apply the following data protection principles:

  • Personal data will be processed fairly and lawfully
  • Personal data obtained will only be used for the purpose specified
  • Data obtained is adequate, relevant and not excessive for the purposes required
  • Data obtained is accurate and is kept up-to-date
  • Data is not kept for longer than is necessary for purpose
  • Data is processed in accordance with the rights of data subjects under this act

Security: appropriate technical and organizational measures are taken to prevent unauthorized or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction or damage to personal data.

C. Access to Information

We will seek to maintain accurate information by creating ways in which data subjects can update the information held.

Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd acknowledges the rights of data subjects, including:

  • the right to be informed;
  • the right of access;
  • the right to rectification;
  • the right to erasure;
  • the right to restrict processing;
  • the right to data portability;
  • the right to object; and
  • the right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling. 
  1. Information about data subjects will not be disclosed to other organisations or to individuals who are not members of our organisation or part of the Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd, except in circumstances where this is a legal requirement, where there is explicit consent or where information is publicly available elsewhere.
  2. Data subjects will only receive marketing mailings from Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd if they have given explicit consent by opting in on a digital or written platform. The information about the use of the data subject’s information is clearly stated at the point of opting-in. Data subjects have the option not to receive marketing mailings from us and can unsubscribe easily by selecting the unsubscribe option at the end of any marketing mailing.
  3. Data subjects will be entitled to have access to information held about them by Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd within 28 days by submitting a subject access request to 

D. Data Security and risk assessment

This policy protects Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd and its data subjects from data security risks, including breaches of confidentiality and reputational damage.

  1. We have procedures for ensuring the security of all electronic personal data. Paper records containing confidential personnel data are disposed of in a secure way. Personal or company data is held on secure servers which are in a secure area and which are only accessible to authorised staff.
  2. We endeavour to create strong passwords that contain upper and lower-case letters, a number and ideally a symbol. This decreases the risk of breaches. 

E. Glossary of Terms

Data Controller – The person who (either alone or with others) decides what personal information will be held and how it will be used.

Data Protection Act 1998 – The UK legislation that provides a framework for responsible behaviour by those obtaining, using and storing personal information.

Data Protection Officer – The person(s) responsible for ensuring that Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd follows its data protection policy and complies with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Explicit consent – is a freely given, specific and informed agreement by an Individual/Service User in the processing of personal information about her/him.

Information Commissioner – The UK Information Commissioner responsible for implementing and overseeing the Data Protection Act 1998.

Processing – means collecting, amending, handling, storing or disclosing personal information.

For any additional information on our data protection policy, please contact us on +44 (0) 1303 278 888 or e-mail us on 

Quality policy

Buckleys (UVRAL) Limited specialise in the design, manufacture supply and service of high- and low-voltage inspection and test equipment and ancillary products.

The nature of the business places particular emphasis on the need for expertise, training and rigorous quality control.

It is the Company’s intention to maintain a policy of quality assurance in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and the Company will ensure that technical and production personnel at all levels are fully conversant with the company policy through on-going training.

Specific, measurable objectives will be established and regularly reviewed during Management Review Meetings, to maintain an environment of continual improvement. 

This document has been compiled to describe the Quality Management System used by the Company to ensure compliance with the company’s quality policy.

It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure they understand this policy, implement its procedures, maintain them and contribute with ideas for improvement.

Health & Safety policy

Buckleys are committed to promoting and maintaining a safe way of working on its premises and within its processes, to keep employees and visitors safe. Buckleys fully complies with legislation including the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and PUWER. Buckleys maintains membership of the British Safety Council to keep informed of changes in health and safety management and to obtain guidance where required.

Environmental policy

Buckleys are committed to adopting and promoting environmental good practice in the manufacture of all their products in line with all relevant legislation.

Our products comply with the REACH, RoHS2 and WEEE directives. All materials used in the manufacture of our products are RoHS2 compliant. The Company also complies with the WEEE regulations and all products leaving the factory contain booklets with WEEE disposal information. Waste from production processes is recorded and reviewed on a regular basis in order to improve our processes and reduce waste and costs wherever possible.

Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd does not manufacture equipment for domestic use and hence, does not have any liability under B2C regulations.  Registration Number WEE/HJ0051TQ.

Corporate social responsibility

Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd., is an equal opportunity employer. As stated clearly in our company handbook, our policy is that no discrimination should occur directly, or indirectly, against any person on the grounds of colour, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origin, physical or mental disability, age or any other characteristic protected under the Equality Act of 2010.

Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd., does not employ child labour, nor do we condone forced labour or slavery. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our staff, and others who may visit our premises.

Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd., respects the rights of our staff to join or not join any lawful organisation, including trade unions and works councils, and whilst we comply with all applicable local and national laws pertaining to freedom of association and collective bargaining, it is our present practice to discuss terms and conditions individually with our staff members.

Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd., complies with the laws of the UK. In particular, we do not accept, solicit or offer bribes or other illegal inducements.  Our policy is to uphold these standards, not only in our workplace, but also in all our dealings as a company with those with whom we come into contact, which includes applicants, customers, suppliers and tradespeople. We fully expect all our suppliers to treat their staff fairly and in compliance with the relevant Equality Acts, however, as a small company with a turnover considerably below the threshold defined in MSA (2015), we are not able to ensure this.

Computer systems

Buckleys uses the latest computer technology to record all quality, safety and manufacturing data. The systems are protected by the latest antivirus and security technology and backed up daily.  The system is managed by a qualified IT professional.

Financial & employee information policy

It is Buckleys’ policy not to provide detailed financial information about the company, or details about its employees, suppliers or customers.

Financial information is reported as per legal requirements to the appropriate authorities.

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