Saad Hanna Sons Co. announced as a new resller in Egypt

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We are excited to announce our new reseller in Egypt - Saad Hanna Co.

Saad Hanna Co. was established in 1934 in the heart of Cairo and through decades of hard work they contributed to

some of the most important national projects for public sector companies. Some of these projects were the Aswan Dam,

High Dam, water & sewerage stations in Alexandria, modern irrigation systems and various military factories.

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"In Egypt, there are very few outlets for the type of test and inspection equipment Buckleys manufacture. We believe this is a good opportunity for us to supply and develop the Egyptian market with Buckleys' products. Saad Hanna Sons have chosen to work with Buckleys to develop the Egyptian market because Buckleys has a long-standing reputation for high-quality manufacturing and service and Saad Hanna Sons' has a strong sales and marketing team; underpinned by an excellent website. Saad Hanna Sons are determined to lead by example in the North African region and are committed to delivering the highest quality service to our clients at a fair price." - Mr. Atef Hanna, Saad Hanna Co.

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