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Frequently asked questions

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You can expect to receive a quotation/response within one working day

30 days from the date of issue, unless stated otherwise

Your quote will be in Pounds Stirling (£), US Dollars ($) or Euros (€); in accordance with Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd.’s standard billing policies.

Option 1: You may either enter the product code or product name in the search field at the top left hand corner of the website and click the grey “GO” button. This will display all the available products that contain your search criteria.

Option 2: You may search for your product via ‘Industry’ or ‘Application’ by selecting the products tab, and then selecting either industry or application.

If you cannot find your product, please contact our sales team on +44 1303 27 8888 or

This will depend entirely on the type of machine. Some older machines may still be calibrated, but cannot be repaired. For information on your machine, contact us on +44 1303 278888 or

For information on groups, associations and institutions that we are members of or subscribe to, please go to You may also view and download our latest membership certificates.

Yes, Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd. has been ISO accredited since September 1993. To download this certificate go to

To find out more about that this certification means, go to

Yes; all Buckleys products are designed and made locally at our manufacturing facility in Kent, United Kingdom. For more information on our manufacturing or procurement procedures, please contact us on +44 1303 278888 or

Provided your product has been registered with us, an annual calibration reminder is sent via e-mail.

To book a calibration, go to, complete the online form and click ‘submit’ to notify us that you are returning your machine to us (this helps us schedule our work and ensure the shortest possible turn-around times).

You will receive a copy of your submission via e-mail. Print this copy and enclose it with your packaged product and send the package to our head office.

Upon arrival, we will acknowledge receipt and send a quotation via e-mail for the works required as soon as possible. Alternatively, contact our team on +44 1303 278888 or

If you purchased your equipment from one of our Certified Distributors, please contact them directly for further information.


If you purchased your equipment directly from Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd and you are based outside of the EU, please contact your courier, who should be able to advise you accordingly.


An authorised test engineer will complete a visual inspection and check the function of all equipment and included accessories.


Machinery, extension rods, earth leads and electrodes will be checked for damage and wear. All parts that require repair or replacement will be identified.


An estimate will be sent to you. Work will only commence once we have your approval to do so.

Output and performance parameters

Output and performance parameters of the equipment are verified using test which is calibrated and certified in accordance with the relevant national/international standards.

PAT Testing

Mains-powered equipment is subject to electrical safety testing.

Cleaning & Charging

The equipment is foam cleaned and batteries are fully charged.


Once the testing or calibration process is complete and the product is in full working order, a calibration certificate is issued.

Between 3 and 5 working days from receipt of your approval of the quotation

Calibration and repair costs can vary depending on the specific product and the work required. Please contact our team for a quotation on +44 1303 278888 or

Yes. Your machine will be returned to you with a calibration/test certificate.

In most cases, delivery in the UK is the next working day.

For overseas deliveries, this depends on the delivery address and product in question.

This depends on where you are based and what we are delivering. (POA)

We can accept the following payment methods: cheque, credit card, debit card and BACS transfer.

We do not accept cash payments.

Yes; 2.5% of the total invoice (including VAT)

For information on what you are allowed to claim VAT back for and how to claim VAT back, go to

No; not as a new client. Applications may be considered after a satisfactory period of trading on a pro-forma basis.

Your machine is under warranty for one year (365 days) after the date of purchase.

You can register your product on our website; go to, complete the form and click ‘submit’. You will automatically receive your warranty certificate via e-mail and annual calibration reminders - where appropriate - will be sent to you.

There is no charge for this certificate

Product training is available for the following products:


  • Dry roof leak detection equipment
  • Wet roof leak detection equipment
  • PHD range
  • PD range
  • DCCT range
  • ST-AC range
  • PST-100 range

For training on the DTU6, please contact:

In the United Kingdom:    Newco Surgical on + 44 (0)121 386 6688 /  

In Europe:                        Brocaceff          on  +31 (0)30 686 2211 /

The safe and correct use of the product in question. For more information go to

The estimated duration is between 2 and 2.5 hours per product.

Training can be held at our head office (Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom) or at your premises. (POA)

Training at our head office is free of charge for up to 6 people when you buy any of the following machines:


Any machine from the PD Range

Any machine from the PHD Range

Any machine from the PST Range         

Any machine from the ST-AC Range

Wet Roof Pro’

AC Spark Tester


If no machine is purchased, training will be on a POA (price on application) basis.

Yes, you may send as many candidates as you wish.

The certificate has no expiry date but a refresher course is advised every 3 years.

Training will be presented and administrated in English. Should you not feel confident in undergoing this training in English, please feel free to ask an interpreter to accompany you. (Buckleys do not charge additionally for an interpreter to accompany you).

To book training online with Buckleys in the United Kingdom, go to and submit the form. We will automatically receive the form and will contact you to confirm a date within 3 working days.


To book training with any of our Certified Distributors, please contact them directly for guidance.

If you would like to know more about becoming a dealer, please contact us for a new dealer application pack & guideline on +44 1303 278888 or

Or complete an online application at

Please include the following in your request:

  • The territory, country or region you would like to enquire about
  • Include a comprehensive company profile and supporting information
  • Indicate which industry you currently operate within.

To find a comprehensive list of all our dealers and the territory they represent, go to

No, this is not permitted. You may send us an enquiry directly and we will forward your enquiry to the applicable dealer. If you have any complaints, suggestions or queries about a dealer, please contact our Head office on +44 1303 27 8888 or

To contact us, please use any of the following methods:


Tel: +44 1303 278888


Fax: +44 1303 274331




Facebook: Send us a private or public message on


Skype: (please arrange this with us before calling)


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