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Inspecting Water Tank Linings

We were approached by a client with a requirement to test the integrity of a newly-installed waterproof lining within a large cistern (the size of a small room) which provides water for a tower-block’s sprinkler system. 

The seam-welded non-conductive waterproof membrane lining was installed directly over the concrete structure; providing near-perfect conditions for our holiday detector to test every square inch of the surface and determine whether any leaks were present before filling the cistern with water.

Our portable DC pinhole/holiday detectors are ideal for this. The restricted access in to the tank (via a small inspection hatch) meant only a compact, portable detector could be used. The phosphor-bronze brush electrode was ideal for this scenario as well; they follow undulations closely and provide excellent conductivity without causing any damage to the membrane.

The concrete structure behind the membrane provided an excellent substrate upon which to test. Even fully-cured concrete retains more than enough moisture to make it a superb electrical conductor and ideal for testing with high-voltage DC pinhole/holiday detectors.

Buckleys DC pinhole/holiday detectors can test non-conductive membranes and coating thicknesses anywhere between 4 microns 25.6mm; depending on model and we offer an extensive range of accessories and electrodes for a variety of applications.

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