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Testing CONTROLIT GS material

The Challenge

To assess the feasibility of the Buckleys dry & wet leak detection methods to test CONTROLIT GS material layer installed beneath single ply membranes.

The Solution

Use a Buckleys PD Range Roof Leak Detector or a Buckleys Wet Roof Pro' to conduct the tests.

Sample 1:     IKO Armourplan P 1.2mm metal deck

Sample 2:     Sika-Trocal 1.2mm metal deck

Sample 3:    Cefil RP 1.2 1.2mm metal deck

sample 4:    Sika S327-12EL 1.2mm metal deck


After completing 4 sample tests we found that the CONTROLIT layer can be successfully used as an aid when testing for faults in non-conductive membranes. The CONTROLIT material is also advantageous when testing on timber framed roofs.


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