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Measuring the Effectiveness of the Cathodic Protection System.

The Challenge

To combat Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC) on steel structures by measuring the effectiveness of the cathodic protection system.

To find a quick and easy method of monitoring the efficiency of the sacrificial anodes that could be carried out on a regular basis without specialist skills.

To reduce the need for costly diver surveys and survey launches, that also impact on port traffic and result in pier closures.

The Solution

Buckleys’ Marine Survey Kit was tailored to Dover Harbour’s individual requirements, using silver/silver chloride/sea water reference electrodes to check the corrosion status of the harbour wall piles.

Dover engineers installed a series of measuring points, every few metres, along the sides of the piers, to which the Buckleys’ system can be connected and a reading taken in seconds.

Key Benefits

Dover Harbour has established a cost-effective, efficient and rapid method of checking the effectiveness of the protective anodes.

The port can carry out inspections on a far more regular basis at less cost and with little disruption to port operations.

A pier can be surveyed by two engineers in two hours, compared with two days for the earlier thickness measurements.

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