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Roof Integrity Testing

The Challenge

To help G & S Roofing test the integrity of a 20,000 sq metre roof at Arsenal Football Club’s state of the art Emirates Stadium in north London.

To test the roof material (constructed from decking plywood and Sarnafil membrane), quickly, cost-effectively and accurately, despite the challenge posed by the many steel roof penetrations.

The Solution

Rather than employ a sub-contractor to test the roof (as had been its previous practice) G & S Roofing used Buckleys’ award-winning Roof Testing Kit to check for defects by passing a high voltage over the surface.

Key Benefits

G & S Roofing was able to prove that the membrane was watertight on handover day.

The company is now equipped with a robust, reliable, easy to use DIY kit that eliminates the need to employ costly sub-contractors.

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