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Welcome to Buckleys

Established in 1926, Buckleys have built a reputation for manufacturing innovative and
high-quality test equipment for use in the construction, offshore, marine, subsea, medical
and fabrication industries.

Our products have a wide range of applications from testing for defects in protective coatings on metal fabrications (such as pipelines and storage tanks) to the integrity of insulation on cables as well as test equipment for subsea use on energy platforms, ships' hulls, jetties and much more besides.

From our range roof leak detectors, high-voltage AC spark testers and pinhole detectors (also known as 'holiday' detectors) to the subsea industry’s benchmark BathyCorrometer® for measuring the cathodic protection and corrosion potential of subsea structures; we strive to make our test equipment the first choice for the professional.

We offer comprehensive free product training at our UK head office to help users safely achieve accurate and dependable test results with our equipment and we offer practical advice to overcome situations which can arise in real-world testing environments.

Call our sales team today on +44 (0)1303 278888 to find out more about our product range.


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